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My time in European Solidarity Coprps volunteering project and part of the future community

This summer I agreed to participate as a volunteer in a project that my home organisation was holding, and you know what? It turned out so much more that I expected and was quite amazing. Let me tell you more.
As I had been in several projects before, that were approximately a week or two long, this was a very exciting opportunity to be a part of something for more than a month and participate in activities as well as the organizing part. This organization being my second home for quite a while now, I was ready to dig in with all fours and help as much as I can. The purpose of the project was to continue the work that was started the prior year and give our contributions to the future society of kids and youth interested in music. With a theme so close to my heart it was no problem in getting started and working hard no matter the weather or anything else.
This was a truly unique process as we got to create the space for people’s future growth from every creativity aspect as we could possibly imagine. There were 3 local people, including me, and 12 that came from various countries. It was highly valuable to talk to people with different nationalities and get to know their culture. During the activities we were given so many materials to work with and get our brain cells moving. The most challenging part of it all was getting to know each other in the group, learning other people types, methods of working and also how their mind works. I think it turned out pretty great!
What I have taken most from this project is the desire to do more and be more involved in similar activities. I really appreciate meeting new people, spending some quality time together and getting the job done at the same time. I also got to know my home organisation a little more and got closer with the local people involved in this project. Our friendship has since grown quite a lot as we bonded through the work of giving something to the society and the future youth. I think it is one of the most valuable things you could do with your free time – doing a good deed, being involved in a city’s and society’s development while having fun, improving personal professional as well as social skills and making friends.

Linda, a volunteer in project “Create for Youth”, Summer 2019

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