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About Us

We are the biggest children and youth musical community in Jelgava town (Latvia), called BJMK. This community consists of two equally important organizations: a legal establishment for a musical education “Rockschool” and NGO Children and Youth Music club (BJMK is an acronym in Latvian). Our aim is to represent the interests of children, youngsters and their families​, giving a chance for everyone to develop their musical skills, to evolve as a personality and young musician, as well as connecting the local youth society and helping them overcoming difficulties through the stimulation of their creativity. We are also supporting integration between different nationalities and culture in Latvia (Latvians, Russians, and other nationalities in our town). Being active in different volunteering activities ourselves, we strongly encourage youngsters to become active members of the civil society.

BJMK was founded as a society (NGO) in 2004 in Latvia, Jelgava town. Later in 2008 we also founded a private music school “BJMK Rockschool”, which is a legal establishment providing professionally orientated education in music. We believe that everyone – no matter age, previous knowledge or talents – can become a true musician if we find the right way of teaching.

As NGO we represent interests of our target group by implementing projects in such programmes as “Youth in Action”, “Eramsus+”, “Euroean Solidarity Corps”, Active Citizens Fund and others. We are also open for different partnerships in Latvia and abroad, as we participate in different youth projects since 2007.

Every year BJMK is like a second home for almost 300 children and teenagers who use this possibility to do something valuable with their free time. Over the years, we have inspired more than 2000 young people to believe in themselves and to follow their dreams- whether by contributing to their professional skill training, or by simply giving them a hand to become personalities with broader perspectives.